Water Heaters

We use hot water for a variety of reasons; from our morning shower to washing our dishes after dinner, a hot water heater is essential to comfortable living. Then a plumber to maintenance, and when the time comes, to replace your water heater is essential to your routine. Maintaining your water heater, and changing it out when recommended by a professional is much preferred to an expensive failing water heater. In Las Vegas, the plumbing company chosen most often is Rocky Point Plumbing to maintain and replace their water heating systems.

Emergency Water Heater Replacement

water heater replacement las vegasUnfortunately, due to poor maintenance or lack of maintenance causes most water heaters to fail after only half of their potential lifespan. When this happens it is often an inconvenient time, will likely cause a flood through at least the connecting wall or area, and may cause severe damage to your property if not noticed immediately. When this happens there is often little other choice, you’re going to have to replace your water heater.

Call Us Second

If this is the situation you are faced with don’t stress, just hop into action. First, turn off the water at the main to stop more water from coming. Then, call Rocky Point Plumbing to come and change out the water heater. Additional services may be needed, depending on your circumstances, and we can recommend you to companies that have an honest reputation and will service you in the same manner as we service our clients.

Maintain Now or Replace Everything Later

install water heater las vegasMaintenance saves money, time and stress, it’s that simple. With proper maintenance your water heater, even in Las Vegas, should be able to survive for years beyond the manufacturers expected lifespan. Due to the hard water in Las Vegas, water heater maintenance is essential to ensuring calcium and hard water buildup doesn’t destroy your water heater before it’s expiration date. The cost of replacing your water heater that much more often far exceeds the cost of the maintenance service, which is broke up over time, too. To us, at Rocky Point Plumbing, it s a no-brainer.

Demand More, Go Tankless

Sometimes going without is better. When replacing your current water heating system with a new one, one of the most common questions we have is about tankless water heaters, or On-Demand Water Heaters. Costs of tankless water heaters aren’t really that much more than the cost of a traditional tanked water heater model. The real difference is the speed in which you get your hot water.

As you know, a tankless water heater instantly makes and gives you hot water at the precise moment you want it. In the process it never heats water unless you are ready for it, which means no wasted energy. But if your family runs through plenty of hot water in a day, then a traditional tank isn’t necessarily heating water for no reason. Additionally, there may be an extra requirements or costs to change your type of water heater out. Your Rocky Point Plumbing contractor will gladly have a conversation with you regarding options and pricing.

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