Remodeling or even just updating an old property, especially one that wasn’t properly maintained or installed, is a large part of what our business does. Builders, general contractors, and private home builders hire Rocky Point Plumbing in Las Vegas for all their repiping and plumbing pipe installation needs, so you know that you can trust us when it comes to your own repiping needs.

Repiping or Replacing

It’s something you hear about on a home repair show, repiping, but what is it? In short, it’s the process of replacing the entire plumbing system within a dwelling. This is not just replacing a water heater, or a small section of failing pipes, it is removing the existing system and installing a new one. Not only does the homeowner have the pay for a brand new system to be installed, but first they have to pay for the old one to be removed.

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Repiping in Las Vegas

Prior to starting your repiping service Rocky Point Plumbing will thoroughly inspect the existing system, and map out any places that the system should be changed for the design you are looking to achieve. Finally the choice of fixtures will allow for that look you are working to accomplish.

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