Camera Inspections

Getting the best plumbing serving in Las Vegas includes the most advanced technology. At Rocky Point Plumbing that includes professional camera inspections. Not only are they the fastest way to find the source of your plumbing problems, they are a great way to save money. With the evolution of plumbing cameras, now offering color and more features than you would ever think is possible, we are able to provide precise plumbing solutions based on the results of an inspection.

Why Camera Inspections Work

Before we had cameras able to be submerged into your plumbing pipes a plumber had to look for aesthetic signs of a water leak or just plain guess as to where your plumbing leak came from. Those days are gone. The advanced technology available in the plumbing camera inspection systems of today are easy to use, interpret, and analyze. Eliminating guess work and allowing our Las Vegas plumbing contractors to inspect and fix in lighting fast times.

Las Vegas plumbing inspection

Las Vegas Camera Inspections

Your residential plumbing system is one of the core systems inside of your Las Vegas home. When your water pressure reduces, or all together drops, you have a problem. At Rocky Point Plumbing we are here to help. Give us a call and our team of plumbing contractors will arrive on time, prepared to complete your service, and clean up before we leave. Each of our camera inspection services are performed by a trained professional plumbing contractor, and can be shown to you, the homeowner, if you wish. Will pinpoint accuracy and precision we will be able to tell you exactly your problem, and where.

Once we have performed your camera inspection, identified your plumbing issue, and determined a course of action to correct it, the entire process will be explained to you. It is at this time we will ask if our recommended repairs are approved and perform the work necessary to bring your Las Vegas home’s plumbing system back up to good working order.

Rocky Point Plumbing Guarantee

After your camera inspection and repair work is completed, your Rocky Point Plumbing contractor may go over some basics of what caused the issue in the first place, and how to avoid it in the future. We may ask if you have any additional needs or issues you want us to look at. If a follow up service is necessary, we will likely schedule it before we leave. Once your work is completed your Rocky Point Plumbing contractor will ensure that you are 100% satisfied with our work before we walk away. That is our guarantee to you, complete satisfaction in all the work we perform.

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