Sewer Lines

Sewer lines clog and break for a number of reasons, none of which you can think about with that rotten sewer smell filling your home. That rotten smell doesn’t have to be there with Rocky Point Plumbing. Our 24 hour emergency team is available to help your home from smelling like sewage at any time of day. We will arrive quickly and help to get your home back to livable.

sewer lines las vegas repairCamera Inspections

Our advanced technology cameras mean that we can see exactly where your leaks, clogs, and lines are, so that we have no guesswork when it comes to fixing your issue. If we have to cut into your slab to repair a slab leak or find a clogged drain, the camera ensures that we know precisely where and what we are dealing with, and can get in and out of your property, and return your life back to normal.

No One Plans for Sewer Line Repairs

Repairing or unclogging the sewer line in your Las Vegas home isn’t something most people plan for, but the truth of the matter is that the utility’s don’t take responsibility for the pipe’s conditions until it hits their property. Digging up failed sewer lines in your yard is your responsibility, and your cost. At Rocky Point Plumbing we offer a great sewer line repair service at a great value to help homeowners concerned with price. We also take all major credit cards to settle our service.

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